Posted in February 2012

Happy Birthday Hertz!

Happy birthday to you You’re a hundred and fifty five You discovered light moves in waves And that set the stage for a bunch of physics-y stuff! Not very catchy, but it works. Happy Birthday to Heinrich Rudolph Hertz, the guy who discovered that electromagnetic fields move in waves! This might seem a bit abstract- … Continue reading

Mass Effect 3, a new kind of story

Mass Effect is a action RPG based in the future, and is about your character trying to protect all organic life form the Reapers, a sentient form of super machine that eliminate all intelligent life in the galaxy every 50,000 years. The most revolutionary thing about this game is that most evrything else is up  … Continue reading

Merge all the wireless phone companies

Logo of T-Mobile and Verizon, not my creation, used in context of this article       As you may or may not know, in the past the major US phone companies AT&T, the second biggest in America, and T-Mobile, the only other major GSM cell phone company of the United States tried to merge. … Continue reading

Technology… who is really gaining

We all like to think that everyone is gaining from the Advancing Technology World, and this is true. The steady increase of electronics is everywhere to be seen, but what few people know is that there are bigger winners, and “how much bigger are their winnings?”, you ask, well lets just look at the 56 … Continue reading