Technology… who is really gaining

We all like to think that everyone is gaining from the Advancing Technology World, and this is true. The steady increase of electronics is everywhere to be seen, but what few people know is that there are bigger winners, and “how much bigger are their winnings?”, you ask, well lets just look at the 56 billion dollar net worth of one of the most famous and influence technology Gods around. Bill Gates. He started and brought up Microsoft one of the most influential, and well known technology companies around, which has brought about 3 billionaires and over 12000 millionaires. However the problem does not just apply to the tech world and it can be applied to many industries such as oil industries and more. The real problem is in the message that these industries bring to the buyer. Because these technology companies bring a message that they are all about the buyer, the customer, and that they have no cooperate greed. They try to make it about the customer even though in reality, they are all about money.

A picture of bill gates at the World Economic Forum
Copyright World Economic Forum 2007
Cropping of World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2007.

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