Posted in March 2012

A Massive disapointment

Mass Effect 3, the last title in the Mass Effect franchise. As you may or may not know the Mass Effect franchise was one of the first game series that has a branching story line that caries over to the next game. Recently, however, there have been many complaints about the ending of Mass Effect … Continue reading

Facebook: How it can help or hurt business.

So, hopefully by now, for non-under-a-rock living people, you have most likely heard of this site called Well this large social network on the internet affects business in a way that companies should take a note of, because of the large customer relations repercussions. When we try to get in contact with a business, … Continue reading

Sun Barf

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Like. A month. So today I’m going to be talking about something as accessible as it is science-y. Solar flares. Otherwise known as… SUN BARF. Solar flares can be pretty serious. If they are Ultraviolet rays or X-rays, they can affect the Earth’s atmosphere, and disrupt radio … Continue reading

The future of TED talks

A TED talk is usually a talk about the future of science, technology, or design. To promote the new movie directed by Riddley Scott, Prometheus. A charismatic Guy Pearce as the CEO of fictitious Weyland Corporation gives the TED talk. The TED talk is about the CEO’s vision of creating humanoid robots and cybernetic organisms … Continue reading

Subatomic stuff

Hey guys! So I’m pretty sure by now that anyone who follows physics knows about the discovery of tachyon particles. You know- Particles that travel faster than the speed of light. But that’s impossible! You say. Nothing travels faster than the speed of light. Even if you’ve never heard of these tacky-whatcha-mecallits, it’s okay, I’ll … Continue reading

Box full of Steam

Photo Credit to Owen Good, from  Steam Box, Gabecube, Valvestation, recently the web has been abuzz with the new rumor of a gaming console made by valve. From these rumors from websites such as the verge There have been numerous claims as to what it would be like. Some are saying it could possibly give … Continue reading