NASA’s computers hacked 13 times in one year. What next?

NASA logo. All credit for original photo goes to NASA. Edited by me.

Most people now-a-days know about how easily hackers go about their business, and can hack their way into many things. You can see how in-defenseless big time companies are against these computer wizards from the many times that they broke their way into the biggest companies, such as the Sony hacking in early 2011. But what you may not know is that NASA itself was not just hacked into during 2011, but was hacked into a whole of 13 times during that year. What that tells us, is that they have very little defense against this threat. Some of the information that the hackers had access to, NASA officials say could compromise aspects of national security. So what’s my point you may ask? I don’t have any underlying point in reality, but what we should definitely take from this whole incident is that unless we drastically change the ways we go about cyber security, especially in our own government, I feel that the hackers have us cornered, and it very may well be that any enemy to the US in the future sees this in the same way. It’s these incidents that make us realize just how cumbersome technology can be when it is used against us, and in order to really secure ourselves we need these guys on our side.

Here’s the link to an article describing the hacking incidents- NASA hacked

Written by Alexander Pasch


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