The future of TED talks

A TED talk is usually a talk about the future of science, technology, or design. To promote the new movie directed by Riddley Scott, Prometheus. A charismatic Guy Pearce as the CEO of fictitious Weyland Corporation gives the TED talk. The TED talk is about the CEO’s vision of creating humanoid robots and cybernetic organisms and that after only several 100 thousand years we have become the gods of our world. The talk highlights the futuristic but still close to home stile of advanced society 11 years from now. With huge ambitions of changing what it means to be human, as said by Peter Wayland the CEO of this company,” My name is Peter Wayland and I would like to change the world.”IF you would like to see the trailor your self please visit here
Prometheus is based in the same time line as one of Riddly Scotts earlier films, Alien. The film it’s takes place in 2085 a hole 62 years from the actions portraid in the TED talk, and is a stand alone story from alien. It follows a group of explorers on a ship called the Prometheus looking for the origins of humanity they find the ruins of a long gone advanced civilization and something much worse said to threaten humanity, as we know it.


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