James Cameron: Movie Producer Extraordinaire, Scientist?

Recently, as I’m sure you have seen on the news in all of everywhere, James Cameron has made the plunge. The plunge that is, is a 35,756 foot journey into the ocean, in a one man submarine, being the third person in all of ever to go that far, and the first person to go alone. Image

Photo Credit to Mark Thiessen from National Geographic

As you can see, not much room, but it happens to be the first ever time video recording has been taken from this depth. You can see some of the video here. Who would have guessed that a movie producer is so interested in science, but apparently James Cameron has been interested in the deep sea ever since his release of the movie “The Abyss”. This new information he will retrieve will be useful to scientists everywhere, as the last time someone went this deep was in the 1960’s in a cramped small vessel with almost no way to look out. What was the use of that? To break a record, and for sure they did that would not even be approached until 50 years later, now, but their expedition did not give much scientific information. There is a saying that people know more about the moon than they do about the bottom of our own ocean. Whether this is true or not, the difficulty of visiting these seemingly unreachable places is their, but we can get past it. And James Cameron leads the way! (Although I’ll go if anyone has a submarine like that.)

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