Facebook: How it can help or hurt business.

So, hopefully by now, for non-under-a-rock living people, you have most likely heard of this site called facebook.com. Well this large social network on the internet affects business in a way that companies should take a note of, because of the large customer relations repercussions. When we try to get in contact with a business, we may call them, email their support, or even text them, but many people now are just posting on their Facebook wall, and using this site to not only get in contact, but advertise and shout praise for the company. This is all good news for most companies, but some are reaping the benefits better than others, and it all depends on how they react to it. Some companies are all about quickness, and these companies are able to grasp  the internet audience more so then the ones that wait days to respond, or not even do so at all. In a survey conducted by STELLAService the most productive was a New York City based camera store, B&H Photo, which responded in a surprising 2 minuscule minutes. It is no question that these companies that are most quick to evolve to using the new internet networks to their advantage will have the back of the youth population behind them in the future.

Photo taken by Alexander Pasch on http://www.facebook.com/homedepot

Article by Alexander Pasch


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