A Massive disapointment

Mass Effect 3, the last title in the Mass Effect franchise. As you may or may not know the Mass Effect franchise was one of the first game series that has a branching story line that caries over to the next game. Recently, however, there have been many complaints about the ending of Mass Effect 3. Many gamers seem to feel that the ending doesn’t reflect how they played the game. Witch is mostly true. The only change over all the dissensions made in all the games is the color of the explosion when Shepard dies. I think that even though this is a very good universal ending people feel that it betrays the branching storyline, that they invested so much time into. In response to this Bioware has released a statement that said they would address the communities issues with the ending, including but not limited to future DLC’s.


Hopefully in the near future Bioware will come out some sort of content addition to mass effect 3 that could calm this uproar. If you would like to read more about this topic please visit here.

If you would like to sign a petition to get the mass effect ending changed go here.


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