Posted in April 2012

Methylation Madness

Hey, so for those people that aren’t really into physics, I thought I’d test the waters with a biology post. The other one was pretty dense, from the feedback I’ve been getting. I’ll be sure to break it down better next time. This post should be a pretty easy read. his is what most people … Continue reading

The Minipad What Else Can Apple Do?

There are rumors going around that apple has decided to start designing an ipad mini. After all in leading the tablet sales for the past few years it may be time to start a slightly different product line that still has the same anticipation and similarity of the previous device (the mother ipad) but at … Continue reading

Plugged in

Connectivity is a huge part of daily life in first world countries today. We check our FaceBook, look up some funny videos on youtube, and maybe chat with your friends hundreds of miles away. The ability to have this sort of connectivity with the people directly around us and the people on the other side … Continue reading

End of Discovery

Not of discovery in general – The space shuttle discovery. Yesterday Discovery made it’s last flight, ending in Washington D.C., and destined for the smithsonian. The discovery has been called NASA’s “hardest working” space shuttle by the Washington Post, having been in use for an extraordinary 27 years and an impressive 39 trips into space. … Continue reading