End of Discovery

Not of discovery in general – The space shuttle discovery. Yesterday Discovery made it’s last flight, ending in Washington D.C., and destined for the smithsonian. The discovery has been called NASA’s “hardest working” space shuttle by the Washington Post, having been in use for an extraordinary 27 years and an impressive 39 trips into space. Truly, this is NASA’s oldest shuttle.


The discovery space shuttle being carried by a Boeing 747 into Washington D.C.

Photo by Elle Cayabyab Gitlin

Being the first of the three space shuttles being retired, followed by Atlantis and Endeavor, this marks the end of the space age as we once knew it, the massive budget cuts to NASA had a drastic effect after all. The Discovery will be a site to see once placed in the Smithsonian, and will definitely make me want to see it much more. The smithsonian has decided to leave the Discovery as is, including the burn marks from reentry, and everything else that would be as if it had just returned. As compared to the other prototype space shuttle, Enterprise, which has sat in the Smithsonian for around 8 years with no chance of action. There were huge crowds gather in awe in Washington D.C. for the arrival of the space shuttle, and everywhere else the flight path went over, which you can find from the trail of photos left behind by its flight. The space race might seem to be over, but there is one thing people can’t stop; they can’t stop dreaming of what they could do.



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