Plugged in

Connectivity is a huge part of daily life in first world countries today. We check our FaceBook, look up some funny videos on youtube, and maybe chat with your friends hundreds of miles away. The ability to have this sort of connectivity with the people directly around us and the people on the other side of the earth is a amazing development of the last 20 years. A Question many people pose how ever is, how far will we take this. Well it seems that in the foreseeable future one of the major trends will be smart appliances and furniture. Like the SMART table, a 28′ digital learning center, designed to teach kids in a interactive way. There are already smart TV’s, and smart fridges that have hit the market as well. Although these pieces of tech aren’t yet as popular as there dumb counter parts, on account of their hefty price tag, they may just be the next step in checking your FaceBook.


This picture was taken from and you can read more at the SMART Table website Here


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