The Minipad What Else Can Apple Do?

There are rumors going around that apple has decided to start designing an ipad mini. After all in leading the tablet sales for the past few years it may be time to start a slightly different product line that still has the same anticipation and similarity of the previous device (the mother ipad) but at a cheaper cost. Other reasons for creating such  a device include the need to compete with the smaller devices that other companies have mass produced, that already attract people who don’t want to dump the large sum of $500 into an ipad, and instead prefer a cheaper option like the kindle fire. In the end we will have to wait and see whether the hype for this new apple product is real, and if it pays off it. Still just rumors, the approximate cost that many people estimate they will sell it at is $250, and many market experts suspect that Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is attempting to completely stamp out the competition, as we labeled before. But despite the hype, the interesting part is that this idea for a product line is something that Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO, did not want to pursue because he believed that the HD display of the ipad should not be recreated onto a smaller screen calling it, “meaningless unless your tablet also includes sandpaper so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of their present size.” Whatever the verdict I’m sure Apple can muster a way to get control of this market in the future.

Ipad Mini Article

The Apple ipad

Photo credit to Evan Amos on Wikipedia

Article written by Alexander Pasch


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